Patch Notes March 21, 2015

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Patch Notes March 21, 2015

Postby Kevin » Sat Apr 18, 2015 1:37 am

Patch Notes

- reworked rips (dynamics, drops)
- removed absorb from uber set (completely lame, fire heals you)
- added 5% to maximum resistances and additional 15% resist all to uber set
- added varying amounts of pierce to items that were set at 1%
- lowered sebzy buriza pierce to 66% from 100% (almost as lame as fire healing you)
- made diablo and baal a little harder to kill in hell mode
- you can now equip 1 ring on your hireling
- some of the uber items were dropping a lot, made them a bit more rare.
- added replenish to all javelins that were missing it or had it but was broken
- increased some stack sizes
- Should see a increase in jewel drop, and a small increase in unique jewels. But the Apoc drop balanced out with Ferver/jagged jewels and rainbow facets being a little more common.
- fixed some more broken stuff :?

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