My Javazon - Astarte

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My Javazon - Astarte

Postby Equimanthorn » Fri Jun 26, 2015 12:40 am

This is quick description of my Javazon skills/stat points distribution and gear:

Strength: just to wear gear
Dexterity: just to wear gear
Vitality: all of the remaining points
Energy: 0

Bow and Crossbow skills: 0
Passive and Magic Skills: 1pt in every skill
Javelin and Spear Skills:
Jab 1 pt
Impale: 0
Fend: 0
Power Strike: MAX
Charged Strike: MAX
Lightning Strike: MAX
Poison Javelin: 1 pt
Plague Javelin: 1 pt
Lightning Fury: MAX
Lightning Bolt: All remaining skills points


Helm: 09 Veil Of Steel with 3 apocalypse/king jewels
Armor: Enigma runeword (for teleport) or B-Valor with 4 apocalypse/king jewels
Weapon No1: Rebels Revenge matriarchal javelin
Weapon No2: Call to Arms runeword or Valor runeword (if you are using Valor shield No2 is not needed for Call to Arms use 09 StormShield with 4 Apocalypse/King jewels)
Shield No1: 09 StormShield with 4 Apocalypse/King jewels
Shield No2: 09 StormShield with 4 Apocalypse/King jewels if using Call to Arms or none if using Valor as secondary weapon for BO
Gloves: 09 Wizzardspike (to go with Enigma) or +3 to javelin skills rare gloves to go with B-Valor armor
Belt: Thundergod's Vigor
Boots: 09 Wartraveler
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope
Ring No1: Raven Spiral
Ring No2: Tyrael's Might

Anni, Torch, Horn of the Gods, 3 Hex small charms, Gheeds Fortune, +1 java skills grand charms (other unique small charms are optional but not necessary)

Defense (Hell) - Defiance aura

Helm: 09 Vampiregaze
Armor: Fortitude runeword
Weapon: Infinity runeword
Ring: Constricting ring
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Re: My Javazon - Astarte

Postby Lord_Jonny » Sun Sep 04, 2016 5:47 pm

Are the craftable gloves that give - Enemies lighting resistance usable as well ?
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