Not sure it posted but I have to crow here :)

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Not sure it posted but I have to crow here :)

Postby tmaan » Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:54 am

Ok, ok ,ok, (best Joe Peshi imitation here)

I finally got an HC Zon past 55 and actually finished the quests and whacked Hell Baal :)
I thought I put up a post last night but I don't see it so apologies if I'm repeating....

This is a defining moment for me! i have tried HC a lot of times and have always failed! I have 2 destroyed monitors and at least 17 angrily cleared desks because of HC. Not proud but telling the truth.

But yesterday I killed Baal with limited equipment and did it ok....

See, I did this just running off the land, no help from anyone until I got to high 70's, massive gambling wasn't getting me what I needed, reached out to Moogie and got the bow I needed form Moogie and from there it was game on... :)

Extra kudos to mogie for the tiamats...

Equipment list...

Bow, tiamats nothing in the sockets
Helm, Natalyas empty sockets
Armor, Spirit "Shroud
Ammy, 28 Maras
32 Travs
Mana and life steal uber ring
Bladebuckle belt
SOJ, other ring no matter
Rare gloves, 2 to bow and some extra gold...

That's it kiddies! :)

And I got Baal :) No idea how, just did it :)

Happy Hunting to all!!!!

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Re: Not sure it posted but I have to crow here :)

Postby Moogie » Mon Jan 23, 2017 5:21 am

Glad to hear it. I have tons of stuff that will disappear when the new mod comes out. Let me know what else you want.
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