A week spent in Branson Missouri with chitlins (2)

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A week spent in Branson Missouri with chitlins (2)

Postby tmaan » Fri Apr 08, 2016 1:33 am

Both girls, 13 and 17 respectively, we call them Big One and Little One.

The big one is seriously into vintage and retro and would be happy spending 2 weeks there just checking out antique shops but has no money ( there's enough of them) while the little one was done at 3.5 hours.....

Branson is a nice smaller town, very touristy and everyone will try to sell you a timeshare. It was the first thing we encountered when arriving and spent the week dodging it after that. There are places 2 to 5 miles out of town that bill themselves as "Official welcome centers" the Hotels in the area fund these places and their only purpose is to sell you a timeshare. All in all, there are things to do if you are not interested in being with old people watching bad shows. Explanation for the non US natives because I don't know if you have this where you live :). A time share is where you have an opportunity to purchase 1/54th of an apartment and get to use it once a year as long as you pay your fees. Without getting into a long explanation, it is generally a scam that results in the sellers making a lot of money and you paying for it and you're locked into the same potentially crappy place forever.

Awesome scenery, it is very hilly there and a nature walk is well worth it, be prepared to breathe heavy :) We spent some time just road tripping to see the local sights, well worth it! Check out the Dam and the Fish Hatchery, more to those than appears on the surface.

Branson has a very neat and interesting old downtown, well worth investigating. Great ice cream too...

Because of the hills, ziplining is a thing to behold! On the good courses you finish the zipline at least 300 feet lower than when you started. (Long uphill walk back :).

The local food is awesome if you like smoked BBQ. I would heartily recommend Dannas BBq, it was great.There's also a place that bills itself as an old fashioned kitchen and I don't remember the name but the food was great and inexpensive, service was good too. I believe the name was Old Farm Kitchen. Across the street was an Ice Cream Shop on the corner that bills itself as the oldest in town, WELL worth the walk:)

All in all, if you are not into shows, don't spend a week there, spend 3 days and then move on to your next destination.

Time spent there was worth it, got to get away from home :)

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Re: A week spent in Branson Missouri with chitlins (2)

Postby Highlander » Fri Apr 08, 2016 4:45 am

Sounds like you had a great time out. Now it's my turn. I'll be going on a road trip for a week in a couple of days. When I get back I'll tell you all about it.

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