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Before registering you must read our Terms Of Service. Not having read them is no excuse for violating them. We take great pride in our community and expect members to abide by them. By registering you agree to abide by our terms.
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Terms Of Service

Postby Highlander » Sat Mar 11, 2017 12:28 pm

We try to keep it simple as we all want to have a good experience here. As such we don't have many rules to spoil your fun while you are here. To achieve this we only have a few rules that we are expected everyone to abide by, Break then and you may get banned:


This is a family friendly gaming community with kids of all ages and ladies. So choose your account name carefully as not to offend anyone. We do not allow inappropriate account names and offensive language. You know what we are saying so don't try to push the boundaries.


1a: You may have up to four realm accounts so everyone in the family can play together. When creating your realm account it must the same as your forum account name. You may have up to four realm accounts but they must have the main account name in them. For example if your main account name is "Gemini" you could make "Gemini_HC" or "Gemini_Mules".

1b: If you create more than the four allowed they will be deleted and you could be banned.

1c: We allowed multiple instances so players can transfer items safely and so that HC players can have a char in their game to raid corpse if they die when playing solo.

1d: Multiple instances to load extra characters into your game for experience is not allowed. Braking this rule will get you banned.

2: Treat everyone with respect, no abusive behaviour will be tolerated.


3b: Duelling is allowed as long as both players agree.

4: Multiplayer games on the realm, the maker of the game sets the rules for the game.

If you violate these simple rules and get banned you have only yourself to blame.

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