What's New In APOCALYPSE - Killing Fields...

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What's New In APOCALYPSE - Killing Fields...

Postby Highlander » Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:55 am

Higher Resolution Gameplay
Working Glide3D Graphics
Quality of Life Skill Changes
Classic Apocalypse + Over 100 New Unique items, Over 20 new Sets, 15+ New Rune words!
Socketed Jewelry, Gloves, Boots
[ONHOLD] Rune words Allowed in Set AND Crafted items (worlds of new possibilities)
Class Specific Jewels
Brand-New Crafting System
Enhanced Mercenaries
[ONHOLD] Re-Spec Sub-quest
Classic Apocalypse Rips
[ONHOLD] Bunny Caves
[ONHOLD] 4 brand new and challenging levels with more to come!
[ONHOLD] New Style Waypoints opening gateways to a whole new world and style of Diablo!


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