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Known Bugs

Postby Kevin » Sun Sep 06, 2015 2:29 am

- Loyalty Runeword (Vex + Dol) Fails to work.
- Garchers Trust Gloves Enhanced damage - Fails to work - See notes. The ED mods cancels each other out (one ED add's damage, the second ED subtracts damage). Cause: Blizzard poor math skills. Cannot be fixed. Math equations is hardcoded and cannot be altered. - Bug is very rare.
- Add damage bonus to peril runeword for bows values are incorrect and are lower than suppose to be.
- Thirst for knowledge runeword is adding 0.2473 damage per character level not 1.5.

Because of a bug the percentile damage bonuses (+xx% Enhanced Damage) from socketed Jewels are not used to calculate the final minimum- resp. maximum damage of the character, when there is also a corresponding absolute damage bonus (+xx Minimum- or Maximum Damage) socketed into that item.
This bug does not match the equipped weapon!

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