Oye its me Axed_out

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Oye its me Axed_out

Postby Axed_out » Thu Sep 17, 2015 10:16 pm

well since time has passed ill post : )-

I am THE Rednek, beer drinking, truck driving, this wierdo's real name Zach. You can call me anything but late fer dinner haha
I enjoy D2 and mostly play HC char's, though i do have a few squishy SC char's lol
I just finished getting my A+ cert, working on my Networking cert all the while looking for a job so I can buy more beer and other stuff lol
anywho I served 8 years on the US Army (been out since 2000) Heavy Metal, Rock N' Roll, and Country music & computers are my main stay of entertanement... Life / Death and everything between have fun smile make people wonder what your smiling about :)
Keep on truckin, the rolling stone gathers no moss

now quite reading about me and do something else dagnabit 8-)
Hard Core playing son of a well ya know ;)
Lots of extra gear for anyone looking to start up a HC char :D

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