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Postby Highlander » Mon Aug 24, 2015 5:08 am

Howdy everyone...

In the late 90's my son introduced me to Diablo II and I was hooked ever since. I played the game through a couple of times. Then I got into dueling on Open for a few years. Man oh man I got my butt kicked when I first started dueling, had no idea that you could hack your chars. Then I found Jamella. That's when I learned to hack characters and items. After a couple of years of roaming the realms, killing and being killed I met Wolf_DST and he educated me on the finer arts of dueling 99's and Elites. About a year on I became a member of Clan DST. In those days you had to prove yourself worthy buy claiming 150 ears on open dueling with a level 99 character. After becoming a full member of DST Wolf_DST and I spent may a happy hours dueling on open and covering the ground with ears. We felt as if we were in heaven.

Then Blizzard decided to crack down on open dueling by updating to patch 1.10 which almost worked. Anyway due to this update most of the open dueling clans folded as did DST. Shortly after this we were lucky enough to find a private D2 server "Haven" which also hosted a 1.09d realm witch gave us the opportunity to rebuild the open dueling clans. A short time later with the help from the Haven team I created my first realm. Originally it was called "DST Realm" and we invited other clans to join us. As we grew in members we opened it to all D2 players. As such We decided to rename it to Apocalypse Realm. The next logical step was to create our own mod, "Apocalypse". After hosting and developing the Apocalypse Mod I felt it was time to take a back seat and hand it over to the a younger developer. That's when development of the mod went south and finally decided to create Sebzy's Realm Community and host the original Apocalypse Mod again as a tribute to Sebzy who was the original modder, sadly he passed away the day he finished the Apocalypse Mod. I contacted some of the original developers and everyone I contacted jumped onboard. So Here we are again.

Here is some history about Clan DST I came across on LadderHall.com that may be interesting to some of the old school members.

Posted 02 August 2003 - 06:49 AM by SOJ_CrucifY

DST stands for honor, integrity, and just all around cool people. I think they are one of the longest running clans on US-EAST. I have nothing but praise for DST.

Please if anyone has any more information on this clan please post it here.

Posted 02 August 2003 - 07:07 AM by LouSahFur]AMF[
I have befriended DST for a long time when i was playing east and still keep in touch from time to time with BlueAdept_DST as well as Zap_DST. This clan was an ally of OTC back in the days and never have i seen DST talking crap to anyone. They are skilled duelers and i sure believe they belong in the legends. They are the longest running clan on east and have nothing but respect from me.

DST, a true legendary clan.

Reply by BlueAdept_DST 03 August 2003 - 03:21 AM
Thank you Cruc and Wrath for the kind words, yes we in DST pride ourselves on not only our dueling and hacking skills but also how we conduct ourselves always striving to be honorable and helpful to all that show respect. For any of you who are not familiar with DST (heh, you must live in a cave) I am reposting an updated version of a little history on DST.

Well here’s my attempt at putting together some history of DST (Dark Soul Takers) clan. Back in February of 2002 there was a pretty strong clan that many might have heard of called IGA. It had been run before February by Prowlerlord_IGA (who many of you now know as Janet_ or Venomous(zoi)) with the help of Earthlord_IGA who was retired but functioned as her advisor. Well Earthlord_IGA who was one of the founders decided to restructure the leadership of IGA by creating the 3 Sirs as co-leaders. The three were Sir-Hawk_IGA, Sir-Sacred_IGA and Sir-Storm_IGA. Soon after the restructuring Prowlerlord_IGA left the clan for HC, leaving the three Sirs to lead the clan with Earthlord_IGA as their advisor. This went on for the better part of March 2002. Eventually there was a falling out with the three Sirs on how the clan should be run and the amount of time some of the leadership was spending playing closed. The eventual outcome was Sir-Storm left IGA to be on his own. Soon after other rank and file left also and some approached Sir Storm to start a new clan that would carry on many of the original ideas and principles we had grown to love when we first joined IGA including playing open. I believe that Acetoo, Zap and Might were the first to convince Storm to start our new clan which was named the Dark Soul Takers after an original Nox-clan which Storm had led prior to the introduction of LOD. So by the beginning of April 2002 DST was born. The original members where Sir-Storm_DST, Acetoo_DST, Raven_DST, Liberty_DST, Might_DST, Zap_DST, Greydragon_DST, Doondawg_DST, Truedeath_DST, LostSoul_DST, Fearfactory_DST, Washee_DST and myself BlueAdept_DST. We have decided to remain small and that our membership will not go beyond 20. We have our leader Sir-Storm but we deal with clan business and make clan decisions as a clan. No one is allowed to recruit unless all clan members agree and after the recruiting period is up tag is only given by unanimous vote of our original members which are called charter members, very similar to many other clans High Council. We have written By-laws which govern and guide DST and most decisions are brought to a clan vote at meetings which are held weekly. Doing things this way has made us stronger as a clan and very family oriented, and has developed a very high level of loyalty and trust. We do not have a web site but instead use MSN communities for forum, By-laws, in depth member profiles, picture sharing and file shares. Since our inception DST has been very active in open dueling and has had many successes on NightShiver dueling ladders, with many, when, obtaining top 10 positions on 99, elite and supreme ladders. We have excelled at the elite ladder especially, with LD50_DST, Crimzon_DST, Wolf_DST and I reaching # 1.

Here is a list of current members of DST as of 8/2/03:
Raven_DST (listed as MIA with hopes we will see him again someday)

If I have forgotten anything or anyone (My advancing age catches up to me from time to time, hehe) please let me know and I will amend this post accordingly.

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