Meet the Staff and their roles.

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Meet the Staff and their roles.

Postby Kevin » Sat Aug 22, 2015 7:20 pm

Who we are regarding Sebzy realm!

Highlander = The big cheese, Top dog. He owns the realm. Provides direction where Sebzy realm is headed for development. Realm Admin, Server Admin, Directs Policy. Backup Forum Admin
Holy = Main Forum Admin and forum setup
Hades480bc = Main Forum Admin and forum setup
Kevin = Main server admin, server maintenance, monitoring and realm setup. Realm Admin, Backup Forum Admin
BigJ = Main game modder, Forum moderator
Moogie = Forum Mod, Realm Admin, Backup Server admin
RcSud = Forum Moderator
Equimanthorn = Forum Moderator
VIP = Are people who donate, their names are in blue. We also give all donators a shared forum to openly discuss what they like to see with realm development as a thank you for their contribution.

*While there is overlap in roles, these are the primary responsibilities of the individuals.
** When contacting us, the fastest way to get the help you need is to message the proper person.
*** Trouble maker on the server? Contact a Realm Admin, Spam on the forums? contact a forum mod.
**** Software and installation issues. Tech Support forum.

Hope it helps!

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Re: Meet the Staff and their roles.

Postby Moogie » Sun Aug 23, 2015 6:24 am

You forgot "all around schmuck"
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