New Login Passwords. Must Read.

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New Login Passwords. Must Read.

Postby Kevin » Tue Jun 30, 2015 5:55 pm

As many of you know. 4 to 6 weeks ago we changed up the administration team because things weren't getting done that needed to be completed. A part of that had caused a issue where I changed the database that stored Diablo login information to a different method to resolve some software issues. I won't indulge in a lengthy explanation. At that time you logged in and had to recreate your account and your characters re-appeared.

I had the server Diablo account storage setup properly the first time and now I have just reverted back to the proper storage system again. This is forcing a password reset and I must manually re-add every single user account.

Everyone who has played from from May 31, 2015 until June 30, 2015 I am manually resetting your accounts, Any older accounts are still on the server, but are inactive and the login won't work until a Diablo admin re-activates it.

Check you private messages for new passwords. Your characters are fine.

If you find that a account doesn't work, Private message Moogie, Myself or Highlander and we will repair your account. While I am being very careful to not make any typo's. It is a lot of accounts and the possibility exists.

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