Server work this weekend.

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Server work this weekend.

Postby Kevin » Sat May 30, 2015 12:51 am

At some point this weekend we are going to give getting the virtual server running another attempt. Our Server host was good enough to provide us with a configuration that should be a workaround for the bug that knocked the games offline last weekend. If all goes well, No one will even notice anything has changed. If it goes badly, all the games will suddenly cut out.

Highlander should be around for the software update. Then if it goes badly he can get tech on the other end to repair the network card ASAP and keep the downtime to a minimum. Since we have the proper software configuration information this time that we didn't have last time (getting around the bug) chances are slim that it should go badly this time.

If a game suddenly goes poof. You know why. It won't hurt your saves. If this fails again we may abandon the idea for a the time being and focus on other things. If it is successful we will be able to host test realms and any and all modders can enjoy server access to test, poke and prod their work.

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