Staffing and Forum Shakeup

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Staffing and Forum Shakeup

Postby Kevin » Sun May 17, 2015 3:13 pm

Staffing Mix Up and new Diablo 2 patch should be out soon.

We have re-arranged the staffing a bit. While there was high production and still is on the apocalypse mod. The forums had been at a crawl or near stop for 2 months. This is unsatisfactory. So we are shaking it up to get the ball back rolling. I'm creating a new sub forum structure to accommodate, rune words, patch notes, trading, tech support etc etc etc.

It is a bit of editing to be done so if I happen to miss anything please tell me and I'll correct it A.S.A.P. Also if I make a error point that out too! We really want this community to be ran by the community. That's you guys so you can play enjoy and have fun here and have the community forum mods look after everything. So the admins for the most part are ghosts who only come out when needed.

If you have problems with anything people with Green names are forum moderators, Guys with Orange names are administrators. We have in game moderators too. You see them with the blue cape from time to time in diablo chat.

So tell your friends about us. Yes we are the original creators and host of the Apocoylpse Mod. If you see it anywhere else, It is a rip off from us.
The Apocalypse Mod was created by Sebzy, It was remodded a second time by BigJ after Sebzy unfortunately became ill and passed on. It went down a few avenues over the years. The apocalypse Mod has since been fully restored to what it was like at it's peak and is now presently being worked on again for a second time by one of it's orginal Creators. BigJ! We even have some old old old content by original creators. As in the RfBruce belt!

Hats off to all you guys for your hard work.

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